Welcome to shivaclub international freedom movement.

About us

Shivaclub is a society for connection and protection, we connect our members to higher places in any carrier he/she may choose. 

We are shivaclub international freedom movement, a club formed with the vision of bringing your ambition to live, 

   That part you have chosen will be made level and comfortable to Walk upon through the strength and unity at shivaclub.

  Protection of lifes and property is our first priority, we don't requests for blood to accomplish this but through the power that be. 

   Court case: you can never be defeated in court cases, that is our pride in protection of property.

Life: your life and that of your family will be protected through both physical and supernatural means. 

OUR MISSION: To protect the vulnerable and connect the detached.

OUR VISION: To protect all our members from any form of harassment and intimidation from all angles.

To see our members become connected and flourish against all odds without ritual sacrifice

 MODES OF OPERATION; never ignore your member in need.

INDUCTION: you must agree with our laws.

COST AND FEES: no membership fees, 

   Join us now

Sat guru swazzy