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Jay Govinda Dasa
Various Kirtaniyas (2010-12-28 Vancouver 12HK)

Shivaclub fraternity is an organization with the aim of helping its members out of poverty and ignorance.


Welcome: you are at shivaclub coven page, you may be here through the directive of someone or just stumble into our website through search result but in any case you are welcome; before you continue you need to read this page carefully because it will serve as your guild into the world of SHIVACLUB FRATERNITY.


   Shiveclub is an organization which aims at meeting the needs of new members through the help of existing member and to sustain what we have we apply  THE METAPHYSICAL LAW, and at the beginning of your journey as our member  the application of the laws is needed and that law which is part of the whole is called THE LAW OF COMPENSATION:  This is a mystery that many spiritualists have misinterpreted but at shivaclub you will operate fully with it.

Life is full of mysteries and this can throw an unsuspecting human off balance if he/she didn’t try to become familiar with the mysteries of occult and that’s why we apply all our efforts to turn our members to spiritual-dynamite through the studies of  universal/occult fundamental laws which are found on the ancient Wisdom teachings as it contain in the metaphysical and occult books which some are the Tarot, Qabalah, Alchemy, Astrology, occult laws and through practice of those laws we are unstoppable in our journey to greatness; and that’s not all;  to overcome financial challenges as a new member we have made it a priority to offer a hand of friendship to our new members through financial assistance


Knowing that in every movement there must be a driving force; so, at shivaclub money is the driving force and we activate this force by offering a helping hand through financial assistance to all members immediately after initiation into the coven although there are things you will know after initiation which may include history of the fraternity, our symbol, who are members and many more.

      our privacy is highly important to us and that's why we don't reveal our members or our meeting venue such as temples and conclave ground to novice but you must note that we don't have anything to do with HUMAN BLOOD SACRIFICE.   

                                                    Blessed be!!!